Portable Solar Power
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Harness the Power of the Sun, everywhere you go!

North Wind Renewable Energy, a leading solar design and installation firm headquartered in central Wisconsin, has been providing solar solutions for home and business and we are excited to now offer individual portable solar options to power your lifestyle!

Electronics have revolutionized the fishing industry and are a key part in any serious angler's arsenal.  All these electronics make batteries vital to fishing success. Charging batteries requires finding outlets, running extension cords, or even taking a battery out to charge, all of which are a major hassle. Well now you can charge your batteries while you fish with Portable Solar Power from North Wind Renewable Energy.  North Wind's Portable PV Power provides you with 20 Watts of power in either a 12 or 24 volt for charging all your battery needs. A great feature of the Portable PV Power is the universal mounting that allows the solar to be installed on a boat, RV or anywhere else you need the power of the sun.  

North Wind is thrilled to partner with Sunjack to offer portable solar chargers for all of your vital electronics. Use the sun to power your phone, tablet, music player, camera, or any device that can be charged using USB charging.  Sunjack chargers also come with a battery pack to let you charge even when the sun isn't shining. Sunjack chargers are perfect for camping, backpacking, hunting, fishing, and any other outdoor activity. Additionally Sunjack chargers are perfect for a disaster response kit keeping your important equipment powered even when the grid goes down.